Easiest hanging indoor plant to take care of

Easiest hanging indoor plant to take care of

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Lucky Pineapple Plant Hangers — Moogly. Looking for more fake plants to keep alive? We highly recommend Lionbrand for quality yarn and ongoing yarn sales and discounts. Though there is …. Use three strands of Mercerized Crochet and Bedspread Cotton held together. Go to Pattern.

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10 Indoor Hanging Plants

I was not paid to write this post, however it may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of my links, I may make a small profit at no expense to you. For further information, please view my policies. And now more than ever, people are learning how to maximize their space and are taking their plants up and into the air by hanging them.

People are starting to venture out of their comfort zone to embrace their not-so-green thumbs, getting their hands dirty with potting soil and experimenting with plant life. Watch the video instead full article below. Here is a list of the easiest to care for hanging plants. Perfect for all the beginners out there just getting their feet wet. But if you just want the list super quick, here it is:. I promise, you really will have a hard time killing any of the plants on this list … however … there is a but ….

I know this is super obvious, but plants are still living things. So a minimum amount of care is still required! A lot of people actually choose to have a mix of real plants and fake plants in their homes, depending on their living conditions.

For example, I have a windowless bathroom in my condo. So, until I have my dream home with floor to ceiling windows in every room overlooking the ocean, I use artificial plants in my dark, windowless prison cell bathroom you can see how i use faux plants in my super budget rental bathroom makeover here!

So consider your personal living conditions. Another factor to keep in mind is that hanging plants are going to be a bit harder to reach than your standard potted plant. Are you committed enough to grab a chair or a step ladder every time you need to water your hanging plants? Or are you a bit lazy with your chores and might end up not watering your plant babies because they are in an inconvenient location?

Personally, this is the one factor that makes me think twice before hanging up a plant in a hard to reach place. The Boston Fern is forgiving because although it prefers moist soil, it is also very tolerant of drought. The fronds are bushy and slightly serrated and are a vibrant bright green. Shop Boston Fern. This beautiful plant is an evergreen climber. As the common name suggests, Heartleaf Philodendron has heart-shaped leaves and they are a deep glossy green.

Mature plants will sometimes even produce white flowers but mine never have. These plants are extremely hardy and will tolerate drought even if the soil becomes bone dry I know from personal experience, oops. If the leaves get dusty, you can use a damp paper towel to carefully wipe them clean. This plant looks gorgeous spilling out of a hanging pot or basket. Shop Heartleaf Philodendron. Ah, the good ole Spider Plant. Popular in the 70s, it then fell out of favor and nobody loved it any more.

And for good reason. The Spider Plant is one of the easiest plants to care for and is quite impressive visually once it grows. The beautiful thin and gently curved leaves look lovely hanging from a basket. If you have offshoots, the overall effect is even more dramatic! Other common names include Airplane Plant, St. Shop Spider Plants. English Ivy is a woody perennial climber.

In Oregon, sales and imports are even banned! Originating in central and northern Europe, English Ivy tends to do best in cooler temperatures. Shop English Ivy. This attractive cactus has droopy, pale green stems. In the wild, the Mistletoe Cactus grows attached to other plants by anchoring itself to moss and rotting leaves! Mistletoe Cactus is very easy to look after and the stems can grow as long as 2 0 ft in the wild this may take a while, they grow slow!!

Shop Mistletoe Cactus. This beautiful plant with leaves that look just like peas, is a succulent, creeping vine. The trailing stems can grow up to 2 or 3 feet long. Shop String of Pearls. Another low maintenance, evergreen trailing succulent, the String of Hearts will tolerate neglect and do just dandy. Shop String of Hearts.

Planted from seed, you will have a full, beautiful plant in less than a couple of months. Morning Glory is a vining plant that likes to climb, but it can be grown and displayed indoors in hanging baskets as well. Within a couple of months of planting from seed, the plant will produce stunning trumpet-shaped flowers that open in the morning hence the name and close at night.

Shop Morning Glory Seeds. So most people opt for indoor gardens and fill their condos and balconies with potted plants. The problem with condo living is that space is limited! And often window real estate is also limited. If you run out of space at home but are craving more plant life, then going vertical and hanging your plants is one of the cleverest things you can do.

Everyone knows that trees and plants produce oxygen, clean the air and improve air quality. There is literally nothing to not love about that! I know that because NASA said so.

Feel free to nerd out and read their study from ! Plants are just plain beautiful. There are infinite textures you can add to your home with hanging plants. You can go for something fuzzy, something spiky, something bushy, something glossy or a combination of any of those things and more.

The sky is the limit, it all comes down to the look that you are after. We know that adding texture to your home is one of the many ways to make your home more inviting , so think about what shapes and feelings speak to you and go from there. There have been studies proving that plants reduce stress and help increase overall well being. There are many psychological benefits to having plants in your home, so if you suffer from depression or anxiety, consider adding some living greenery into your space.

Monstera , fiddle leaf figs , palms, bamboo , snake plants, and more recently the olive tree and ferns are just a few. Go back a few more years and you had succulents and air plants. Which are still massively popular! Bohemian interiors are packed full of greenery in every corner and it looks wonderful. Influencers dazzle us with their beautiful jungly photos, showcasing their light-filled interiors full from floor to ceiling with lush plants.

You can place a few small pots of herbs and add a splash of greenery to your kitchen with these cool magnetic planters. The container below is designed with drainage holes and will attach to the side of a metal microwave or a fridge! You can basically have a little edible indoor garden at your fingertips without having to put a single hole in the wall! As an alternative to planters that suction directly to the window, you can get ledges with suctions that basically function as a shelf.

If you are afraid of hanging your plants from the ceiling, then build a DIY trellis with some metal grids!

You can hang all your plants off of it! Lana Red Studio shows you how to build a DIY trellis on her blog , or you can watch the quick video below. Your indoor hanging plants will also be easier to access that way, which is great for shorter peeps like myself.

Or, build a trellis specifically for all your glorious trailing vines. You can try to thrift a coat rack, or buy one cheap online, to create an instantly green corner in your home. I like this one from Amazon because it has 3 adjustable heights making it very versatile.

If you have an old wooden step ladder, it would add a really great statement to your room if you covered it in plants. You can try whitewashing your ladder , too. Of course, if the stars align, and you happen to have a country house with a claw foot tub and soaring high ceilings, you could always hang a ladder horizontally, and then hang your plants from the ladder.

As much as I love the look of macrame hanging planters, they are a bit fussy and can easily get tangled with the leaves and vines, especially if you need to take the plants out to water them. Minimalist Plant Hanger from ModernMacrames 3. Brass hanging planter from YuvalTzurDesign 5. Braided Porcelain Planter from pepoceramics 9. Round Brass Plant Hanger from iheartnorwegianwood. I really encourage you to embrace indoor plant life and start with one or two of these easy-care plants on this list!

Are you a proud plant parent, struggling to remember when to water all your plants? Check out this genius plant tracking system to stop the madness.

Thank you! Normally I skim articles, but you are an amazing witty writer.

10 best indoor hanging plants

Also known as common ivy, English ivy Hedera helix is grown for its lush, glossy foliage both indoors and out in the garden. It's one of the best indoor plants for low light but it will grow more full in brighter light. It comes in a number of varieties that offer different leaf shapes and colors. This small houseplant gets its name from the tiny round leaves that line its delicate, trailing stems. This low-maintenance and drought-tolerant houseplant is often confined to tabletop planters , but it truly shines when its ropelike stems can dangle from a hanging pot. Gracefully arching, narrow leaves earned spider plant Chlorophytum comosum its name. This popular indoor hanging plant adds a lush jungle feel to a brightly lit room, thanks to its fountain-like foliage and the dangling stems of baby plants it sends out from its center.

Itching to up your plant game? Let your greeneries hang loose with these beautiful and easy to care for indoor hanging plants.

10 Best Low-Water Houseplants

Try hanging basket plants near windows, in a sunroom, or on your porch or patio. They lend a fresh burst of color just about anywhere. They're space-savers, too. You'll make the most out of the space you have with hanging plants. Their cascading foliage looks lavish, graceful and draws the eye upward, helping to create better balance in a room. Nothing beats fuchsia for an explosion of vibrant, eye-catching blooms. Easy to find in garden centers and nurseries, there's just no excuse not to enjoy this sizzling show of flowers all season.

15 Popular Houseplants to Grow in Your Home Year-Round

Looking for the best indoor hanging plants for your home? Hanging plants are an amazing and easy way to bring life to your home while also making it look great. Here are some of my favorite trailing indoor plants. Today I am finally getting around to rounding up all of my care posts for some of my favorite gorgeous trailing plants. Finding the best indoor hanging plants for your home is a great way to help purify your air and make your rooms look gorgeous while also keeping your plants up and off the floor.

There is something magical about walking into a room decorated with indoor hanging plants. In addition to the stunning visual of bright green foliage dripping from the ceilings, hanging plants and wall plants allow you to decorate your office without taking up floor , desk, or counter space.

Indoor Hanging Plants

Indoor hanging plants have returned in a big way thisOne of the design tricks for creating such an atmosphere is indoor hanging plants. Yes, you can hang bold and unique artwork or decorate the space with accent furniture, but bringing nature indoors is an easy and gorgeous way to refresh your home. In fact, studies have shown that plants clean indoor air by absorbing toxins , boosts concentration, creativity, mood, and productivity , increases humidity and produces oxygen, and reduces colds, fatigue, noise levels, sore throats, and stress. Plus, they make your space, no matter the size, feel cozier and welcoming. Not to mention, indoor hanging plants are great options for homeowners with pets who like to nibble on every single thing.

16 of the Best Indoor Hanging Plants: Stunning Trailing Houseplants!

Hey guys! The plant struggle is real! I follow some really inspiring people on Instagram and below are some of my favorite hanging plant ideas. Be sure to read to the end for product links to get some of these looks! Affiliate links may be used in this post.

Hanging plants make the best choice when it comes to space-saving indoor garden It is an easy-to-care-for hanging plant if it grows in soil specially.

The 6 best indoor plants and how to care for them

Beautiful, healthy houseplants are the perfect way to fill your home with life and color. Whether you want just a few or have a houseplant jungle in mind, you can learn how to grow and take care of indoor plants successfully. These simple steps can put you on track for thriving indoor plants and houseplant happiness:. A flourishing "jungalow" starts with healthy plants.

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Some of us are lucky enough to have the room to plant a full-sized garden , while others may be happy to have an empty windowsill in direct sunlight. But even those living in a space strapped apartment in the heart of a bustling metropolis can bring in a touch of greenery indoors by using the aerial space all around them. Hanging plants are some of the easiest varieties to work with , and can instantly add some dimension and calm to a room. Before you start grabbing hanging vines by the bunch at your local garden center , know which varieties will thrive and which won't in a hanging planter. A Garden Can Be Anywhere. When it comes to actually placing plants in a hanging planter , Kranz says it's best to keep your plant in the original pot you purchased it in, if it came in one.

We shop for a living — here are the products we loved inOur editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices.

Are you a newbie gardener who wants to find easy-care houseplants? I was not raised in the digital age so this online business of mine has been a challenge. Plants are living things and yes, you can kill them. If it makes you feel any better, a few have died under my watch. These houseplants are not only easy care, but are long-lived and easy to find in a local nursery, big box store or online.

Please try removing or editing your filters, or explore some of our other popular collections! Keep your furry friends safe by choosing houseplants for your home that are nontoxic to them. These plants will add color and texture to your decor while keeping your cats and dogs safe and happy. Shop our collection of pet friendly plants!