James van sweden landscape architect

James van sweden landscape architect

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Van Sweden was born in to a building contractor of Dutch descent and grew up in a Calvinist family in Grand Rapids , Michigan , which has a large Dutch population. He learned to play the piano. As a child, he turned the lawn in his parents' garden into flower beds. His neighbor, elementary school teacher Margaret Holmes, encouraged him to create art and provided materials as his parents did not approve or encourage such messy activities. Then he studied landscape architecture there. As a student, he collected pictures and drawings by Richard Wilt — and Emil Weddige [3] , which he kept a secret from his parents.

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Van Sweden class on water gardens

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The New American Garden

They have also received critical positive notices within the landscape architecture community, and from major media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and others. Birnbaum, entrepreneurial universities can set up complementary programming including conferences, symposia, lectures, etc. Moreover, Eric Groft, a principal at Oehme, van Sweden and a TCLF Board Member, has lectured and participated in symposia at institutions hosting the New American Garden exhibition, and would be available to do so at future events, schedule permitting. The van Sweden oral history includes sections on design theory and built projects.

The New American Garden: The Landscape Architecture of Oehme, van Sweden National Building Wolfgang Oehme (–) and James van Sweden (–).

The Landscape Architecture Of Oehme, Van Sweden - James Van Sweden

Best known as the co founder of the New American Garden style, along with Wolfgang Oehme, James van Sweden died at the age of 78, on September 20,I was saddened to see his obituary in the New York Times last week. I might have been tempted to think of it as an end to an era; his business partner, Oehme, passed on to the Great Garden in December,For both of these notable garden designers, obituaries appeared in nearly every major newspaper in the U. Interested in plants at an early age, van Sweden began his career at the age of 12 by establishing a neighborhood lawn mowing business in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A neighbor's perennial borders, having swallowed up her lawn, was one of his first and formative influences, a revolutionary idea in 's American gardening. Upon dividing and thinning out her plants in the springtime, she shared them throughout the neighborhood.

James van Sweden – International Garden Designer

James van Sweden's Ultra-Modern Retreat. James van Sweden's ultra-modern vacation home is located in one of the oldest European settlements in the New World and blends beautifully into the natural landscape of this coastal region. Designed by his good friend Suman Sorg, the 4,square-foot property consists of a main residence, guesthouse and a courtyard connected by a foot long cinderblock "garden wall" which pays homage to van Sweden's stature as a world-renowned landscape architect. The wall, which varies in height from twenty-four to twelve feet, actually forms some interior walls of the residence and the effect is extraordinary. Because of the liberal use of concrete and the size of the buildings, many people say the structure "looks like a warehouse," but van Sweden is not offended.

Like most landscape architecture firms, the studio at OvS is seldom a raucous place. Principals and staff communicate with each other and on the phone in the hushed tone conducive to an atmosphere of deep concentration.

Sweden, James van

We frequently collaborate with landscape architecture firms nationwide on native meadows, woodland restorations, and natural areas management. We have been in business for over 30 years and have developed reliable techniques that maximize success on projects where traditional design practices often fall short. Our presence on your design team can increase your chances of securing projects where natural areas are a significant component, and once a project begins, we can help you achieve a range of aesthetic, ecological, and financial objectives. We are also skilled in the implementation of natural areas designs and know well what it takes to bring projects to success—from inception to maturity. Previous and Ongoing Collaborators.

Exhibit focuses on renowned landscape architecture firm

Kevin McCabe is the leading living exponent of the ancient art of cob building - wrestling houses out of mud using his bare hands. British television series which features unusual and often elaborate architectural homebuilding projects. Available on All 4, BritBox. The second and third bedrooms also have en suite bathrooms with the two remaining having access to a Jack and Jill bathroom. For more info visit the FAQ. Grand Designs: House of the Year. The Woodsman's Cottage - 6 Years Later.

He further studied landscape architecture with Professor Jan Bijhouwer at In , Oehme partnered with James van Sweden, forming Oehme.

High Plains Gardening

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The American Beauty

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We explore the ecology, culture, and history of each landscape and fuse art, science, and humanity to distill its form and amplify its function. The result is a contextually-appropriate, high-performance composition that connects people to the land. Our firm transformed the field of landscape architecture with the New American Garden style of design, distinguished by a balance of horticultural complexity and architectural craftsmanship. Thoughtfully-constructed paths, terraces, walls, fences, and arbors organize the land and provide elegance to everyday function. Within this framework, we infuse botanical expression in the form of color, texture, movement, and fragrance.

Subscribe Today at Huge Savings! Over the past 25 years, Wolfgang Oehme and James van Sweden have stealthily revolutionized the American landscape.

James van Sweden was an innovative landscape architect who in the s successfully reinvented the look and character of the American garden. He passed away in at the age ofPartnering with Wolfgang Oehme in , he was well regarded internationally for his radically different approach to landscape design — replacing staid evergreen hedging, bedding annuals and groomed lawns with broad sweeps of long-flowering perennials and ornamental grasses. The vision was a rejection of passive vegetative landscape design in favour of the bold massing of grasses and perennials that placed the observer in the midst of a living tapestry. The result was a garden that actively responded to light, wind and seasonal change.

James van Sweden , Tom Christopher. The sense of mystery is what turns a mere display of plants, paths, and ornaments into an adventure. In their gifted hands, creating your own perfect garden, with its own alluring mysteries, turns out to be not only easy but a delight.

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